Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Wedding Charm

This Raritan Inn wedding was lovely! From the riverside ceremony to the delicious continuous cocktail menu, surprise fireworks and awesome swing band, guests delighted in every detail.
Antique Coffee Table set atop a Farm Table in the Barn - Charcuterie, Artisan Cheese, and Crudite 

Guacamole and House Made Lime Scented Tortilla Crisps 

Baby Spring Vegetable Risotto with the some of the first local organic  NJ squash of the season 

Pizza Rustica with Tomatoes and Basil / Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms  / Pancetta and Blue Cheese 

The bar was in "The Fishermen's Shed" what more perfect vessel for chilled beer than our Boat ice tub

Love the charm and whimsy of this riverside ceremony backdrop 

The Raritan Inn 

Pre Ceremony Refreshments 

Sweet country centerpieces - railroad lanterns and bottles of field flowers 

Monday, June 3, 2013

NJ farms are stocked with amazing amazing veggies, fruits and herbs now that spring is in full swing and summer is so close on the way! The chefs at Emily's are loving working with the freshest local ingredients as they prepare everything from cafe to wedding fare. Please visit the cafe in a couple of weeks as we celebrate summer's arrival and participate in this wonderful Edible Jersey "Eat, Drink Local" event.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Please Join us at this Very Special Venue on April 22nd!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weddings and Rain - How to Make it a Marriage that Works

Although most wedding day plans are made with sunny skies in mind, rain now and then is inevitable (though preferably not on weekends, please), and it really does not mean "rain on your parade" on your wedding day. With a few carefully planned details considered, some simple props can help stage adorable, memorable, any-weather wedding photos, and can also be special keepsakes.

A few helpful tips for the wedding couple planning a "weather contingency" are:

1. Explore the costs related so that you may reserve some funds in your budget in case the plan needs to swing into action on your wedding day. Some considerations to that point are: extra tenting, 6' wide awning walkways, and tent flooring. A very well designed weather plan may not even necessitate all of these components, and of course depends on your venue. And, if you've budgeted for them and don't need them, maybe the allotted funds can be added to your honey moon cash :)

2. Wellies. Trust me, you'll love having this accessory. Boots such as Hunter are not only exceptionally functional, but photograph well (see above, I mean....seriously, how cute!?!?). They come in any color you can imagine to match the feel of your wedding, and you'll use them forever.

3. Golf umbrellas. And why not monogram them?? (link below). Okay, so this one you'll need to go ahead and plan several weeks in advance. But a "just in case" special umbrella for the bride is a great idea.

4. Discuss a weather plan with your photographer so that she or he may strategize some great shots accordingly. The above photo was taken by Kevin Birch http://www.weddingwire.com/biz/kevin-birch-photographer-princeton/website/d90c3921b36a242a.html I tell clients wholeheartedly that some of the most memorable wedding photos I have seen were taken on days with rain. There is a lush quality to landscapes on these days, and the "lighting" is actually favorable.

Like so much in life, rain on your wedding day is "what you make of it". Make it fun, whimsical and personal. And as always, happy wedding planning! xo

We are so happy to have earned this very important industry award for 2012. Happy wedding planning everyone!! xo

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Mountain Lakes House Weding

  The Mountain Lakes House is one of Princeton's most unique and beautiful event venues. With acres of surrounding private wooded property and its namesake lake, the sprawling Cape Cod style house is the perfect setting for each bride and groom's personal, custom wedding.

The property offers ideal spots for an on site ceremony, either on the edge of the large lake at the base of the back lawn, or under one of its lush, mature trees. Cocktail hour flows perfectly on the back lawn or inside the warmly lit, quaint rooms of the house. A beautiful fireplace in the living room, that includes custom built ins all around it, is a great spot to feature some personal family photos or other props, which is just one example of how the house and property, with so much inherent charm, may be tailored by couples on their wedding day to truly be theirs.

Dinner is set on the raised slate patio, with its newly renovated lofty, glass ceiling awning, which stretches the whole span of the house. Guests enjoy a view overlooking the lake while they dine, and dance the night away on another slate patio just at the base of the dining area.

There is no limit to the custom touches that couples may bring to the table at The Mountain Lakes House, which set in the already incredibly charming space, makes for perfectly Garden Chic events!