Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Candy Time

January was a packed month of winter wedding showcases for us. We were at the Prallsville Mill annual winter show case on the 15th and then we partook in a showcase at Greystone Manor House in Newtown on the 23rd. At both showcases, we indulged our sweet side by highlighting the design of a candy bar. The set came together organically, as most things do, with a wooden bench pulled from an icy front porch, a variety of pink, green, and festive candies, and adorable stamped favor boxes. The thing learned is that it is perfectly fine for design to be inspired by a variety elements: let the world around you inform, let your senses wander and think in color. Candy apple green and berry pink were the flavors of the day.
We found the favor boxes at Micheal's craft store--for a bargin. The stamp was inspired by the timeless bridal trend of using a monogram, but the best part is that guests were encouraged to load up their boxes with sweets to take home to remember the event.
When designing a candy bar let this rule guide you:
Fun. Fun. Fun.
Fun design with ordinary, everyday objects is the best and easiest approach. It is truly fun to breathe new life into daily objects by repositioning them with either like-minded or unexpected objects to create a specific environment.

Have fun designing and have fun dreaming!

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