Friday, June 4, 2010

Things We've Liked: Wedding Spring Season

Spring is a daring time to go for alfresca dining, but one of our spring brides, dared to do it, and the results were stunning.

This wedding took place on the Delaware River in Stockton, New Jersey. The setting is perfectly rustic with the red barn as a back drop.

Crisp white linens and home-made burlap runners (which were perfect in every way), complemented the natural green environment and provided the most dazzling under the stars feel. Additionally, this bride gave all of her guests a variety of succulents; a tribute, surely, to her California home.

Featured above are a cappuccino bar and three separate cakes for dessert. The cappuccino bar was a huge hit. It was a hot day, and because we had an espresso machine and a few shakers, we were able to make all of the guests favorite coffee drinks, ICED!

Instead of opting for a single flavor traditionally tiered cake, this bride decided to offer three unique flavors to her guests. Chocolate-chocolate, chai, and lemon butter cream were the flavors this bride decided to go with.

In summary: you never know what the weather will hold, more is more---not less is more, and people really love their coffee!